Cortes Island


 Manson's Landing on Cortes Island, British Columbia Situated at the northern end of the Strait of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia, Cortes Island is a popular tourist destination.  Two of Cortes' main drops off points are Manson's Landing, situated 13 miles from Campbell River, and Gorge Harbour situated 15 miles from Campbell River. Gorgeous Hague Lake is a short walk from Manson's Landing and is a great spot for families, with a white sandy beach and fantastic swimming. Gorge Harbour is home of the Gorge Harbour Marina Resort and has a very popular restaurant, the Float House. Visit the Float House for dinner or lunch on one of Way West Water taxi's lunch or dinner cruises. Cortes Island is an island oasis, with beautiful lakes, lagoons, forests, and white sandy beaches. Cortes offers visitors a wide variety of things to see and do as well as a variety of accommodation and or camping options.  Check out HollyHock retreat which is a not for profit educational centre that hosts many inspiring programs or rent a vacation home with Cortes Island Vacation Rentals for the whole family. Way West water taxi will drop you and your gear off and pick you up again for a hassle free island get away.  Water taxi transportation from Campbell River to Cortes Island is approximately 30-35 minutes.