Hernando Island


 Hernando Island, British Columbia Located South of Cortes Island and North of Savary Island, Hernando Island is 34 miles from Campbell River. It is presumed that Hernando Island was named in 1792 by Valdes and Galiano after the Spanish conquerer Hernando Cortes. At one time a small gauge logging company operated on Hernando Island however it is now primarily owned by a number of individual owners with large property parcels. 

The nearby Desolation Sound is a very popular cruising and boating destination offering protected bays and marinas as well as plenty of oppurtunity to explore the abundant wildlife of the area. Savary Island, just South of Hernando Island is a well known summer get away where life "off the grid" offers guests a relaxing escape from every day hustle and bustle. Cortes Island, to the North of Hernando Island, is home to several small villages, including Manson's Landing, Squirrel Cove and Whaletown. Cortes Island is a great holiday destination with lovely sandy beaches, camping, kayaking, inviting cafes and local artwork. Cortes Island is also the home of famed education retreat Hollyhock.  Water taxi transportation from Campbell River to Hernando Island is approximately 30-35 minutes.