Manson's Landing, Cortes Island


 Sandy beaches of Hague Lake Located 13 miles from Campbell River, Manson's Landing is one of three settlements on Cortes Island and offers access to both the Mansons Landing Provincial Park and Hague Lake. A popular destination for boaters, Manson's Landing has a well maintained government dock and is in walking distance to great swimming beaches and picnic spots as well as hiking and biking trails. Manson's Landing Provincial Park was established in 1974 to expand the diversity of marine park experiences in the northern Gulf Islands archipelago. Recreational opportunities include, kayaking, canoeing (bring your own kayak or canoe), fresh water swimming in Hague Lake, and marine wildlife viewing in Manson's Lagoon. Manson's Landing serves as one of the "hubs" of Cortes Island. Services available in Manson's Landing includes: Manson's Community Hall, Cortes Café, Post Office, Cortes Credit Union, Cortes Market, Museum, The Tak Restaurant, Home Spun and the Ark Gallery. Accommodation on Cortes Island includes one motel, the Cortes Island Motel, the famous educational retreat centre Hollyhock, the peacful nature retreat T'ai Li Lodge and many smaller B&B's as well as Cortes Island vacation rentals.    Water taxi transportation from Campbell River to Manson's Landing on Cortes Island is approximately 30-35 minutes.