Maurelle Island


 Located 20 miles from Campbell River is Maurelle Island, Maurelle Island is located northeast of Quadra Island, southeast of Sonora Island, and north of Read Island. The island is separated from the mainland by Calm Channel, from Quadra Island by Okisollo Channel, from Read Island by Whiterock Passage, and from Sonora Island by a narrow strait called Hole in the Wall. The narrow strait between Quadra Island and Antonio Point, the southern tip of Maurelle Island, is known as Surge Narrows and Seymour Narrows. The tidal currents in this area are notorious for their power. The 586 hectare Surge Narrows Provincial Park is located at the junction of Maurelle, Quadra, and Read Islands. Tidal changes reveal the many reefs, this park has to offer. Marine life here is abundant, including: Sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sea stars and anemones. Wilderness camping is permitted on the upland portions of the park, however it is undeveloped and has no facilities so come prepared and have Way West water taxi drop you and your gear for your adventure. This provincial park also offers opportunities for ocean fishing for rock fish and salmon. Although the Discovery Islands as a whole are popular with kayakers, the BC Parks warns kayakers to avoid Seymour Narrows altogether, and for only experienced kayakers to attempt Surge Narrows. Water taxi transportation from Campbell River to Maurelle Island is approximately 40 minutes. Check out our year round scheduled water taxis to Maurelle Island!