Read Island


Located 20 miles from Campbell River is Read Island. Read Island is approximately 19 km long from the North end to the South and averages 3 kms - 6kms across. The central location of the island is referred to as Surge Narrows and is home to the school, a store, the post office, the community hall and the goverment dock. The year round population of Read Island is thought to be 50 people with closer to 100 residing during the summer months. On the Island is Read Island Provincial Park showcasing old-growth, second-growth forest, bog and fertile lowlands. The park also serves to protect vital high density bald eagle habitat. Park wildlife also includes river otters, seals and sea lions, black-tailed deer, weasels, mink, beaver, cougars and wolves in the uplands. The park is an excellent spot to see and photograph bald eagles, nesting in the tall trees. While there are no designated campsites at the park, wilderness camping is allowed without fee Wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy visiting to Read Island, located off the tip of Quadra Island. Visitors to the park will find plenty to do, including rustic hiking, kayaking, wilderness camping and swimming at Rosen Lake.  Water taxi transportation from Campbell River to Read Island is approximately 40 minutes.  Check out Way West's year round scheduled water taxis to Read Island!