Rendezvous Island


Located 24 miles from the community of Campbell River and Quadra Island and situated in Calm Channel off the northeast end of Read Island, the Rendezvous Islands are comprised of 3 islands, North Rendezvous Island, Middle Rendezvous Island and South Rendezvous Island. This group of islands, home of Rendezvous Island South Provincial Park, is found between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. The 164 hectare park does not have any developed facilities however no-trace camping is allowed. Have our water taxi drop you and your gear off for a remote camping adventure. If roughing it is not your style...visit Solstua West and camp in luxury. The islands also offer deluxe island accommodations, salmon fishing and outdoor adventure, have our water taxi drop you at Rendezvous Lodge for your island get away. Water taxi transportation from Campbell River to Rendezvous Island is approximately 55 minutes.