Toba Inlet


Located  51 miles from Campbell River is the head of Toba Inlet, a pristine fjord on the West Coast of British Columbia. Between Toba Inlet and Vancouver Island are the Discovery Islands, part of the chain of 6,000 islands along the British Columbia coastline all accessible by water taxi. This glacier fed inlet is known for its spectacular scenery and breath taking waterfalls as well as a vast array of wildlife. Toba Inlet provides many opportunities for outdoor adventure, including hiking, kayaking, salmon fishing and grizzly bear viewing.

It is very popular with kayakers who wish to explore this gorgeous wilderness destination. Kayakers and boaters alike are able to watch grizzly bears as they forage along the coastlines. Have Way West Water taxi take you on a tour of scenic Toba Inlet, the amazing waterfalls and wildlife or we can drop you off with your kayaks for a remote wilderness adventure. Log cabins and beachside camping are both available at the mouth of Toba Inlet at the Toba Wildernest. Water taxi transportation from Campbell River to the head of Toba Inlet is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.