Toba Inlet Grizzly Bear Tours

    Departs: from Campbell River August 20th - October 15th

Join us for an adventure of a lifetime to the Klite River in Toba Inlet. The 8-9 hour tour will begin in Campbell River on Vancouver Island.You will enjoy a scenic 2 hour boat ride on one of our covered high speed boats up Toba Inlet. There you will be greated with traditional coast Salish hospitality by the Klahoose First Nation Guides. After a short ride up the valley to the Klite River you will begin your viewing of the Toba Inlet Grizzly Bear. Witness them in their natural habitat while they feast on Salmon in the River. Your Journey will end with the 2 hour boat ride back to Campbell River viewing Toba's majestic Waterfalls. Their may be opportunities to also see Orca's, Dolphins, Humback Whales, Black Bears, Elk and other wildlife in their natural environment.

Rate: $370.00 per person plus applicable taxes (lunch included)

Please call or email to book.

For more information on Toba Inlet and the Klahoose First Nation go to or


Scheduled Taxis

Year Round: Monday 9am & Friday 12pm

 May 16 - Sept 12: Wednesday 9am 

July & August: Mon, Wed & Fri

Departs: from Campbell River

Stops include:
 Stuart Island, Read Island, Frederick Arm, East Thurlow Island, Dent Island, Maurelle Island, Shoal Bay, Hemming Bay and most locations between

Rate: $85.00 per person plus applicable taxes
         $55.00 minimum freight charge

*The following destinations are $100.00 per person, if multiple people the rate is $85.00 per person and freight minimum is $75.00: Shoal Bay, Frederick Arm, Hemming Bay.


*Reservations are required
Baggage/freight limit of 100 pounds per person
Trips may be cancelled/delayed due to weather limitations beyond our control